SPONSOR POST: Get up-close and personal with designer, technologist and sustainability flag waver Jessi Baker

Small businesses are all about the people, right? The owners, the manufacturers, the clientele. There’s a story at every turn, so why aren’t they being told? Well, at an event organised by Good magazine, London-based designer and technologist Jessi Baker, the founder of social enterprise Project Provenance, will be sharing her experience around storytelling in small business marketing and creating user-centred experiences in the e-commerce sphere. 

Baker is a self-confessed emerging technology fanatic, who is particularly interested in how that changes the way we interact with each other and with ‘things’. She is also supporter of conscious shopping and sustainability. And she is keen to see more transparency over where products are sourced and how they are made. And Good has secured her services for a small but perfectly formed afternoon tea event at the Brighton Road Café, Parnell, on Tuesday 7th October at 3.30pm. There are still a few spaces left, so grab them while you can. Tickets are $30 for one or $75 for a team of three, including coffee, cake, essential business wisdom and a few laughs. To secure a space RSVP to Natalie Cyra by Monday 5pm

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