The Compendium: 3 October

Sick of Jamie Oliver? Then this one’s for you (headphones on, children). 

How do you get women to check their breasts? Use a perv-detecting camera to show how many other people are checking them out every day. 

Volvo: the car for those who prefer night surfing. 

Seafolly shacks up with Sydney act Panama for a music video/swimsuit ad (we shall wait to see whether the band takes a leaf out of Universal’s book and offers retrospective product placement).

Oscar-winning director Laurent Witz helps spread the word about organ donation by showing New York as a dying city.​

Bundaberg’s entertaining musical ode to trying. 

What better way to sell sustainable clothing to kids than with a beautiful cartoon. 

Loving a vacuum cleaner is dangerous if you’re human (“honestly Doc, I fell over and landed on it”). And, for this robot, it’s heartbreaking. 

To celebrate its 100th birthday, Leica brings some of the world’s most famous photos back to life.

Kirsten Dunst stars in a clip by Matthew Frost designed to show that modern humans are completely ridiculous. 

Cartoon characters, then and now.


Dirty, shouty and quite noisy dancing in the latest Musicless Music Video. 

A word from the marvellous Dr. Brule about shooshy. 

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