Sounding off: Bay Audiology’s charm offensive

While some could probably think of nothing better than a bit silence, having to do without your favourite sounds forever is a different kettle of fish. So, to show what role sound plays in people’s lives, Bay Audiology, Shine and Exposure’s Kevin Denholm have taken a charming—and very Kiwi—look at how customers can keep ‘hearing the things you love hearing’. 


From a father who can hear his daughter say she really loves him to the sound of a monster of the deep taking the line to the ping of a crisp drive down the middle to the ability to eavesdrop again, there are plenty of entertaining characters on display in the ad. And it’s certainly a step up from the last Bay Audiology TVC

And while we’re on the topic of hearing, only those with a heart of stone would fail to be moved by the pretty damn tingly videos of cochlear implants being switched on. 



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