Ads of the Week: 3 October

Who’s it for: L&P by DDB

Why we like it: Although the aim of the campaign is to celebrate L&P’s new brand positioning ‘refreshingly different’, it’s good to see the drink brand has kept its fun and cheeky tone. Those who don’t veer from the crowd are often referred to as sheep, but in this instance, it’s two woolly characters that break away from the herd for an epic adventure and a new look.

Who’s it for: Genesis by Shine

Why we like it: A chief energy officer and the power-generation facility is what Genesis proposes a homeowner and their home are called in the future. While smartphones are already an essential part our daily lives, the proposition in this ad is that they will become the technological heart of the entire operation, offering complete control of our energy use. It might seem far-fetched at the moment, but Genesis reckons this capability could be here faster than we think.

Who’s it for: TSB by Special Group

Why we like it: Change in life is inevitable and TSB has managed to fit a lifetime into 90-seconds. Moving out of home, forming new relationships and starting a family includes something familiar to all New Zealanders to relate to. At the end of the spot, TSB assures its customers, and potential customers, that it’ll be there through all the changes; and if its 167 years of business is anything to go by, it seems a promise it’s likely to keep.

Who’s it for: Period Equity by J. Walter Thompson New York and The Sweet Shop 

Why we like it: While Period Equity isn’t a local brand, New Zealand talent Melanie Bridge was behind the camera, giving directorial instructions for the creation of this tongue-in-cheek spot that calls out the ridiculousness of taxing tampons as a luxury item.

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