A sneak peek at ‘The Media Issue’

The Hot List

We pick out the best of the bunch in the media business, including the results of our People’s Choice Awards.

The Transparency Issue

Damien Venuto looks at digital advertising’s growing PR problem. 

Integrated or Independent?

FCB Media and MBM give the lowdown on their two different media agency models.

Merger Mania

A chorus of smart industry folk give their take on the future of Sky/Vodafone and NZME/Fairfax.

The Next Big Trick

David Thomason discusses targeting vs. mass media.

Outdoor Bounty

Lynda Brendish looks at the growth of out-of-home (OOH) advertising.

20/20 Television

Erin McKenzie finds the value of local TV for advertisers (in association with Freeview).

What’s It Like?

For an industry known for being young, white and male, we talk to John MacDonald, Bridget Taylor and Kasmira Sewpershad to get their perspectives on sexism, ageism and race in media.

Peep Show

Just how creepy can digital tracking tech be? That depends entirely on how creepy the public wants it to be, says Alex Radford.

In The Dock

The industry has been put on trial for the crime of theft, and Alex Lawson believes time is running out to prove its innocence (and value to society).

Horse’s Mouth

Adshel’s Nick Vile and PHD’s Louise Bond answer our questions.

Most Hated Online Ads

From pre-roll ads to header banners, Kiwis share their least favourite types.

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