Smirnoff takes its #PurePotential campaign on the road, finds novel use for concrete truck

Smirnoff’s #PurePotential campaign via Special Group was pretty slick, with some good lookin’ billboards and a clever Instagram Bar that saw ‘mixologist’ Dickie Cullimore creating bespoke beverages based on pictures of punters’ fridges. The Lion-distributed vodka brand claims to see the potential in everything around us, “from sidewalks as dance floors, paint cans as drum kits and now a concrete truck as a drinks mixer”, which it wheeled out to a few festivals over summer. 

The giant cocktail mixer was modified late last year and parked up at the Baywatch campsite in Gisborne and Rhythm and Vines over new years (perhaps not surprisingly, there aren’t too many Instagram pics of the “world’s largest drinks mixer” at BW Festival, where alcohol-fuelled rioting led to 65 arrests). 

When the Smirnoff Mixer bowl spins one way it mixes the drinks, and when it spins the other way it delivers the liquid to the top of the bowl and through a chute where it is served by bar staff (we’d like to see it try to pour out a PBJ or one of the other mad concoctions it created from manky New Zealand fridges). 

According to a release: “The liquid is loaded into the tank using food grade vessels that are poured into the silo at the back of the truck keeping the process in line with health and safety standards. Custom water tanks also feature on either side of the truck, which Smirnoff will be serving to people to help them pace themselves throughout the festival.”

“Smirnoff’s #purepotential idea is about looking at everyday objects in a new and exciting way, whether that’s making a cocktail from odds and ends in your fridge to completely repurposing a cement truck as potentially the world’s largest drinks mixer,” says Smirnoff’s Lana Blair. “It’s all about experimenting and having fun.”

The truck will be continuing to deliver essential liquids over summer, so if you wish to sup from it, keep an eye on its movements on Instagram. Let’s hope they take the logical step of attaching one of those concrete hoses to the truck and simply spraying the beverages directly into the revellers’ faces. 

Update: Special Group were the creative force behind the Smirnoff Mixer. The idea was then passed to activation agency Spur who worked in collaboration with Rollercoaster to design, procure and produce the highly customised vehicle. Spur then activated the truck at BW and Rhythm & Vines. 

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