Print might be dead, but it’s still interactive

In order to filter out the barrage of under-qualified applications that inevitably come in response to a job listing, Istanbul-based creative agency BÜRO recently developed a print ad for Berrge Tattoo that might feature the first useful execution of a QR barcode.

Instead of simply featuring the QR code and asking viewers to scan it, the print ad requires prospective applicants to physically fill in the faint, barely visible squiggles in order to access the listing.

The intricacy of a QR code means that only those with a steady hand and an almost-inhuman attention to detail are able to access the listing. And these are two characteristics that are fundamental to any tattoo artist.

And while the word interactive has come to be somewhat synonymous with digital technology, this isn’t always the case. The following print ad for the Biggest Loser, crafted by Australian creative agency BMF, offers a childhood throwback to the pleasure of tearing apart perforated pages to access a toy.

But, this time, rather than getting a toy to play with, the user gets the pleasure of instantly tearing away the love handles of the person depicted in the image.                 



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