The Compendium: 21 March

The knock-on effect has become something of a trope in advertising, but this new spot from Subaru – which doesn’t even feature a real car – takes the gimmick to a whole new level and simultaneously leaves us with one important question: who ate all that ice cream?  

A pair of Seat Leon fans go for a virtual-reality spin in what looks like a simulator. The only problem is that there’s nothing virtual about this death-defying experiential advertising stunt.   

Since we’re on the topic of things not being what they seem, this video, which was uploaded to YouTube in early February, will make you second-guess yourself every time you hear the electronic twang of a supposedly robotic voice.  

In order to commemorate International Happiness Day, Coca-Cola commissioned the production of a song, featuring 17 artists, which has caused some to ask if it’s the most jovial melody ever created.   

Ray William Johnson has called it quits on viral videos after five years of critiquing the madness on YouTube. In his final video posted under his Equals Three brand, he explains that he’s decided to quit the show on account of not feeling creatively gratified any longer. But the departure of Johnson doesn’t necessarily imply the end of Equals Three as a whole. Johnson also explains that he is currently looking for a replacement, who is capable of fronting the show, writing the content and producing the weekly videos.

Walmart might not have the best track record when it comes employee satisfaction, but a new ad, produced by Saatchi & Saatchi New York and featuring a protagonist named Patrick, shows that some people value the opportunity to work for the multi-national.  

For what would’ve been his 54th birthday, Google dedicated a doodle to Ayrton Senna, the celebrated Brazilian Formula 1 driver who 20 years ago lost his life during a race.  

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