McDonald’s answers your questions, brings in Martin Devlin to help

In November last year, McDonald’s launched New Zealand’s version of the ‘Our food, Your Questions‘ campaign that proved so successful in Canada.

As the questions have poured in over the last few months, McDonald’s has proceeded to answer them and the resultant correspondence has been collated on a website specially dedicated to the campaign

In keeping with the trend established during the Canadian campaign, McDonald’s NZ has used a combination of images, videos and text messages to respond to the questions that were posted. 

At times, the fast food chain opted for a serious tone by getting actual franchisees to answer questions asked by customers. In one video, Pakuranga franchisee Amon Jones goes behind the scenes to offer viewers a glimpse of how the company’s fries are made.    


But the PR filter isn’t applied uniformly across the board. In another video on how Big Macs are made, sports commentator Martin Devlin’s fast-talking skills serve as a foil to the measured public speaking approach employed by Sam Maharaj, another franchise holder. 


And Devlin’s quirky approach also extends into the text-based answers, which are written in a colloquial style that would normally be associated with messages shared between friends. 


In the event that the written form doesn’t get the message across, McDonald’s also uses imagery in its delivery. When responding to a questions on the prevalence of pig fat in its dairy products and the contents of its burgers, McDonald’s adopts a visual approach with the addition of a pair of cartoons. 

It’s unlikely that the ‘honesty is the best policy’ strategy employed by the fast food chain will help to put the pink slime rumours to bed for good, but it has created an interactive platform whereby the brand can open a conversation with its consumers outside the confines of Facebook.      

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