AA Smartfuel shows the benefits of loyalty through the eyes of a charming taxi driver

AA Smartfuel has released a new campaign that features three TVCs promoting its loyalty card, which provides “petrol cheap and sometimes free”. 

The campaign, created by Rainger & Rolfe and shot by Exit Films and follows Edward, a Korean immigrant who moved to New Zealand a number of years ago, as he hoons through the streets of Auckland in his taxi and humorously narrates what it’s like being a taxi driver in the city, discussing the nature of his job and the people he meets.

In one TVC, he says how driving a taxi can be very expensive as a quick montage appears of his taxi being worked on and then in another instance being towed away as he stands with a bowed head. He then says he is lucky because he has his AA Smartfuel Card, which saves him money.

To reap the benefits of the card, users need to “shop and swipe” at one of AA’s participating retail outlets and service providers in New Zealand, according to AA’s website.

“Then to redeem, fuel up and swipe at a participating BP or Caltex service station and your accumulated savings get knocked off the pump price.”

Rainger & Rolfe business director James Johnston says he’s delighted with how the campaign came together.

“We’ve developed a credible platform to bring the client’s proposition to life. It’s simple and likeable – one that will resonate with kiwis who want to save money on fuel,” he says. “The great thing is we’ve been able to get this message across without resorting to caricatures or hyperbole. We looked at who represented a high frequency user that would get the most value out of the AA Smartfuel programme.”

AA Smartfuel general manager Ian Sutcliffe says it is a light-hearted approach that helps to communicate the AA Smartfuel programme’s key benefit.

“The integrated campaign does a fantastic job of this. It allows us to tell our story. We all put fuel in our cars, so why not show that AA Smartfuel lets us save serious money in the process.”

The campaign launched on Sunday 19 April will be seen on screens (TV and digital), and will roll out across radio, billboards, social and CRM.

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