Show us ya’ packaging

For too long Kiwis have been unable to thrust examples of the best and worst packaging in New Zealand into the spotlight. But that’s all changed thanks to the launch of the Unpackit Packaging Awards, the brainchild of Wanaka-based “resource recovery community enterprise” Wastebusters.

“We want everyone who cares about good packaging in New Zealand to be part of the awards—either by putting a nomination in now or by voting for their favorites later on,” says Unpackit project manager Sophie Ward.

An early nomination from Dunedin City Councillor Jinty MacTavish offers a quirky interpretation of packaging. She describes her nomination as “a protein matrix lined with calcium carbonate crystals, produced organically, remarkably strong, breathable but waterproof, and infinitely recyclable.” Sounds impressive. And it is. But the product is an egg and the manufacturer is a chicken.

“I’m not quite sure who will accept the award if the egg wins,” says Ward. “But eggs and chickens can be easily bought in New Zealand so we decided to accept her nomination.”

Guy Cotter has placed a video nomination for a spanner encased in plastic packaging. After wrestling with the packaging to eventually release the spanner, he’s left with unrecycbale plastic and for that it gets a nomination in the worst packaging category. Though it can’t be as counter intuitive as the example on the right of a plastic packaging opener.

Entries can me made via camera, video, or by simply sending in a few words about your nomination to the Unpackit website, which also contains tips about choosing good packaging.

Nominations for the Unpackit Packaging Awards will close 20 March, with public voting from the shortlisted entries running from 25 March until 29 April. The winners will be announced 6 May and the winning entry will snag a weekend trip for two to Wanaka.

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