A shirt that moves while watching a footy game

As if watching games at a pub full of screaming fans wasn’t intense enough, now your shirt’s getting involved – some months ago some Australians made watching a footy game on screen feel real, with the Foxtel Alert Shirt from Wearable Experiments.

Wearing it, you can feel the sensation a player feels through sensors in your shirt, while you’re watching the game. With every move by players, the company feeds pre-collected data from what happens in a match, through to an app on your smartphone, which through Bluetooth connects to your shirt. If a player is tackled, within milliseconds you get to feel the physical effects of that. If the player is nervous, you get a fluttering sensory experience.

The shirt was part of the promotional package for Fox Footy (Australian Rules Football) subscribers in Australia.

There’s yet no word on whether this means we’ll soon be able to feel Luis Suarez’s bite for ourselves.

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