Shakira has the greatest social media force

Shakira’s new ‘La La La’ music video, which doubles as three-and-half-minute advertisement for Activia yoghurt, has officially become the most-shared spot on the internet, knocking VW’s ‘The Force’ off its perch after three years.

According to an AdWeek report, the spot starring the Colombian singer was created for the World Cup and has already been shared 5,409,192 times across Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere, a number already significantly higher than the 5,254,667 shares that VW racked up during its tenure at the top.    


Classifying the Shakira spot as an advertisement is however a slight stretch given that it’s led principally by the musician’s new song and features little more than two fleeting references to the yoghurt company’s sponsorship. That being said, Nicolas Frerejean, Activia’s global marketing director, didn’t appear too concerned that most of the attention was on the the singer.  

In statement published on Unruly he said: “It is fantastic to see such a positive response for the video. Reaching more than 250 million views and becoming the Most Shared Ad of All Time in just 2 months is incredible! We are delighted that we have been able to relay our message of support to the World Food Programme through the video ‘La La La (Brazil 2014)’. Partnering with Shakira to support the School Meals initiative is a great fit between Activia’s beliefs in good nutrition for all and the engagement that Shakira has demonstrated for a long time to support access for every child to quality education.” 

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