Send in your doppelgängers and collect massive booty

Apparently, it’s doppelgänger week, where Facebook users are encouraged to change their profile photo to someone they’ve been mistaken for. But it’s always doppelgänger week at StopPress. We are shameless in our pursuit of lookalikes (and men who look like old lesbians), so send in your best stunt doubles/doppelgängers/uncanny resemblers, either of yourself, famous people or unsuspecting friends and family, and the best of the bunch will be plied with amazing prizes.Amazing prizes include:

  • Tebe face products
  • Eco-store soap
  • A few six-packs of Monteith’s beer
  • Media magnate Harold Mitchell’s book Living Large
  • A Finding Flavour foodie discovery tour of Auckland
  • Two $20 vouchers for the new Shortland St-based fruit stall The Honesty Box (they’re also doing custom made ‘corporate boxes’ of fruit, glorious fruit)
  • A diary from 2009

Send in your best efforts to [email protected]. Here’s what we’ve got so far:

Brent Kennedy, left; Ricky Gervais, right

Deirdre Robert, left; Jess Tovey, right

Cartoon man from old DB ad, left; Paul Holmes, right

Ben Fahy, media juggernaut, left; small boy from National Bank ad, right

Alinghi 5, left; Romulan Warbird, right

Paul Burnaby, left; Shane Watson, right

Charlotte Allan, left; National Geographic covergirl, right

Mumford the Magician, left; Dr Phil McGraw, right

Annabel McAleer, left; The People's Princess, right

Kim Cattrall, left: Vernene Medcalf, right

Kate Hudson, left; Kristin Uyl, right

Italian actor Raoul Bova, left; Jurgens, part Italian non-actor, right

Colin Mathura Jeffree, host of NZ's weirdest TV show, Hottest Home Baker, left; Captain Jack Sparrow, right

Kate Chapman, left; Julia Roberts, right

Telecom logo, left; Kurt Vonnegut's drawing of an asshole in 'Breakfast of Champions', right

Cover star of the latest Consumer, left; Ja'mie King, from Summer Heights High, right

Scott Milligan, left; Benjamin McKenzie from the OC, right

Andy Jaquet, left; Dudley Moore, right

Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart, top; Annabel and Elton McAleer, bottom

Vincent Heeringa, left; Rhys Darby, right

Martin Bell, left; Ben Stiller, right

Vincent Heeringa, left; Legolas, right

Anna Kournikova, left; Cherie Anslow, right

Joel McHale, left; Martin Bell, right

Ben Fahy, left; Matthew Hoggard, right

Jason Eaton, left; He-man, right

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