Drink beer, save the world: DB Export (over)emphasises the value of ‘Brewtroleum’

In the latter part of May, DB Export released a new campaign by Colenso BBDO that attributed all the great ideas ever conceptualised to the beer. And although the accuracy of this premise is obviously questionable, it has given the brand a platform through which clever ideas can be expressed.

And the first of these ideas has been to produce biofuel from beer byproducts.

And rather than adopting humility in promoting this undeniably impressive feat, the beer brand has released a series of TVCs that make the bold claim that this move could literally save the entire world—as well as the dolphins and pandas that inhabit it. 

“‘Brewtroleum’ was an idea sparked over a few beers, which presented the opportunity to take the natural by-product of the brewing process and turn it into something that can genuinely help the environment,” said DB’s head of domestic beer marketing Sean O’Donnell. “What’s more, men can help to save the world just by doing what they already love – drinking DB Export.”

During the process, scientists extract high-grade ethanol from the yeast slurry byproduct that would otherwise go to waste. After this, the ethanol is distilled and then blended with high-octane petrol (10 percent ethanol and 90 percent petrol) to create bioethanol capable of running a car’s engine. 

Bioethanol created from a by-product of dairy production is already available in selected outlets around New Zealand, and it does provide a slightly more environmentally friendly means by which power automobiles.

The project is still in the pilot stage, but the team at DB says that it hopes to make ‘Brewtroleum’ commercially available through the nation’s fuel retailers.    


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