TVCs of the week: 30 June

Who’s it for: DB Export by Colenso BBDO and Scoundrel  

Why we like it: Hyperbolic statements are in some ways to advertising what feigned injuries are to football—they happen all the time, but no one takes them all that seriously. However, every once in a while, we see something so delightfully over-exaggerated that we can’t help but take notice. And to keep the earlier comparison going, DB Export has just dived and rolled about seven times in a new spot that whimsically claims that its latest initiative has the potential of saving the entire world. And while the process of turning a beer byproduct into a usable form of fuel is impressive enough, it’s great to see that the brand isn’t taking itself too seriously in the new series of tongue-in-cheek spots.          

Who’s it for: Co-operative Bank by Y&R

Why we like it: Following on from Brian the saltwater crocodile, the Co-operative bank has expanded its carnivorous reptilian portfolio by introducing Jeff the snake—who happens to be equally difficult to live with. The campaign makes the bold statement that people who choose to live with massive dangerous reptiles (the other banks) only have themselves to blame when they’re bitten. The only question that’s left unanswered is what the Co-Operative Bank’s power animal is (given the bank’s policy of sharing, the team here at StopPress has determined that a baby human definitely isn’t on the shortlist—our favourites are probably a jumping manta ray or the albino kiwi).    

Who’s it for: Q Card by Federation and Tomorrowland

Why we like it: In popular culture, the clairvoyant is often able to glimpse into the memories of a people by touching something that they owned. And although it avoids any supernatural elements, the new ad from Q Card plays on this link between memory and tangible items by showing the integral role that a motorhome has played in the memories of a family. 


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