Sandy Hook Promise looks to tomorrow with emotive ad

With the five-year anniversary of the horrific Sandy Hook shooting this month, the not-for-profit organisation Sandy Hook Promise has released a thought-provoking and hard-hitting ad called Tomorrow’s News’.

Filmed as if it is a television news segment, the news anchor talks to witnesses, first responders, students, and classmates following a hypothetical school shooting the next day.

The responses range from, “When the shooting starts happening tomorrow first I’ll probably just think it’s firecrackers or a car backfiring or something” to “he told some of us that his dad kept a gun in his closet and he always talked about using it on the people that bullied him. Tomorrow I’ll probably say that I wish I’d told someone.”

The text at the end reminds people tomorrow’s shootings can be stopped people if recognize the warning signs. An emotional but clever illustration in recognising we can all help stop these tragedies.  

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