Samsung’s T-Rex smashes the internet

Samsung’s latest range of hand and voice-activated Smart TVs were launched in New Zealand last month with a global campaign called ‘King of the TV City’which features a heroic TV watcher placating an angry T-Rex with a mere pinch of his fingersAnd Auckland agency Republik has come up with a clever way to leverage these international assets on local digital platforms. 

With the help of The New Zealand Herald and Method Studios, Republik brought the T-Rex from the ad to life using a combination of 3D, flash animation, and unique coding that can attach itself to the hosting website. And director Paul MacNamara says “it’s definitely a first in New Zealand and as far as we know, the world”. 

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This created a fully interactive T-Rex that can be manoeuvered out of the banner, follow a hand cursor to any point on the screen, and wreak online havoc by destroying the content of the hosting page with stomps, tail whacks, jumps and bites (this clip from Family Guys shows why the T-Rex was such an angry, vicious killer). Extra points for having the T-Rex smash a story about Jurassic Park 4 in the case study video. 

Samsung’s media is managed by Starcom.

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