A sad day in the life of a Mumbai stray

The sad lives of India’s street dogs were highlighted in this clever clip by Ogilvy Mumbai for Mumbai-based animal welfare organisation World for all Animal Care and Adoptions.

The video follows a day in the life of a stray dog, which has a camera mounted on its body. It runs through the streets of Mumbai, digging through rubbish and drinking dirty water while cruel locals kick at it and taunt it. The music in the clip becomes more foreboding as we get to the end.

Thankfully, a disclaimer at the end of the video reassures us that no dogs were hurt during the filming, but it is still a poignant look at what it must be like for strays, with over 250,000 of them on the streets of Mumbai alone.

The incentive behind the ad is to get people adopting strays to lessen the number struggling to survive on the streets.

According to World for all Animal Care and Adoption’s website the organisation also conducts rescues and sterilises the stray animal population. 

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