TVCs of the week: 26 May

Who’s it for: Vodafone by FCB and Revolver 

Why we like it: Vodafone has shifted from actor James Rolleston and introduced new four-legged protagonist called Piggy Sue. The new ad is a nice change in direction for the telco and helps to showcase the full reach of its network across the country. This spot also gets extra points for taking the telco conversation out of Auckland and for not featuring any spinning smartphones.   

Who’s it for: DB Export by Colenso BBDO

Why we like it: DB puts beer at the centre of all the great feats ever accomplished in history in a quirky ad for its Export range. And while the historical facts depicted in the ad are unlikely to pass a Google fact check, the spot certainly does give beer drinkers a new excuse to hang out with their mates for a few drinks.         

Who’s it for: Ssangyong by Moon Media 

Why we like it: Leigh Hart and his comedic crew at Moon Media lent their talents to this Ssangyong spot and in the process poked a few satirical jabs at the creative process in the ad industry. And while they are clearly taking the piss, they also tied a clever semordnilap (albeit with one missing letter) into the creative to link it back to the vehicle they were paid to promote.       

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