Run launches ‘pay what you want’ website for business clients

With the country in lockdown and COVID-19 being the cause of massive economic loss, many businesses are searching for solutions. In response, Auckland-based creative agency has launched paywhatyouwant.co.nz, allowing their business clients to create quality websites for a fee of their choice. 

Covid-19 has had a huge impact toward Run, who have several clients within the tourism sector, meaning it’s already suffered loss in business. Although Run primarily assisting with advertising campaigns, strategy and identity design, the agency also offers websites as an add on service. 

“We’re a small team and this is a tough time for everyone, so we wanted to come up with a creative solution to use this period to help people and support other kiwi businesses,” says Run design director Laura Cibilich. 

Run has created large scale creative projects and built websites for clients such as Auckland Council, Niue Tourism, 2degrees and the United Nations, often costing tens of thousands. However, with the unprecedented times at hand, Run is wanting to help smaller businesses that are currently hurting with a generous ‘pay what you want’ fee. 

“One of our long-standing values at Run is ‘family friendly and real’, so we’re used to working with kids and dogs around as well as remotely sometimes, which is a bonus given the current lockdown,” says Run CD Raymond McKay.

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