Ron Rowwdy’s weekly reports for Air NZ

Grabaseat's ambassador Ron Rowwdy will be sharing his exclusive reports every Thursday throughout March on grabaseat.co.nz and Grabaseat's Facebook page. His weekly reports reveal the very scientific formulas Grabaseat use to discover each week's 'nice price'. The campaign was developed in conjunction with Rowwdy Productions, the Grabaseat team, and the agency Contagion.


Brand manager Russell Long says the feedback from customers has been overwhelmingly positive and engaging:

“We have gained over 700 Facebook ‘Likes’ since the multi channel campaign launched on Monday 20 February.”

Youtube Video

The airline’s having a tough time of it at the moment, restructuring staff as profits tumble, and chief executive Rob Fyfe scheduled for departure at the end of the year. Agency wise there’s been a bit of a reshuffle too, with Air New Zealand shifting to DraftFCB (and Saatchi’s). But Contagion is the agency responsible for taking this series to its digital channels. So, what can we expect in upcoming episodes?

“We don’t want to ruin Ron’s exclusive reports, let’s just say there’ll be paintballs, pegs, very short shorts and maybe some chest hair if you’re lucky. We may well look to encourage customers to be more involved in the campaign as it develops. Watch this space,” says Long.

Feedback from customers so far includes:
“Where do I get a polyester suit like that?”
“Great way to set prices! See you later Ron” – Youtube
“Hahaha love it and the price!” – Facebook

Client: Russell Long
Talent: Jordan Mauger, Lana Bowden
Camera Op: Glenn Manchester

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