Roller derby: Colenso and Tip Top remove ice cream frustration with new app

As far as first world problems go, searching for a scoop of hokey pokey on the summer roadtrip and discovering the store you stop at doesn’t do cones is right up there. It just doesn’t feel right if it’s not dripping down your arm and smothered all over your face. Thankfully, Tip Top and Colenso are attempting to remedy this with the new Scoop app, which gives ice-cream fiends the coordinates of their closest roller. 

The app will also promote new flavours available in store and,  in an effort to rank New Zealand’s top ten most popular scoop combos, asks Tip Top fans to choose their favourite flavours. And, in another good example of location-based social media marketing, those who check in at the scoop stores go into the draw to win a year’s worth of ice cream.

“This is the first application created for Tip Top, and only the start of what will become an evolving platform for this iconic New Zealand brand,” says account director Helen Fitzsimons.

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