Resn hits FWA milestone, celebrates with tool that lets fans give it a sitting applause

Hitting the big 4-0 is generally met with mixed emotions, with some celebrating the fact that they’ve made it that far and others feeling a sense of impending dread as their elderly body and mind shows signs of falling apart. Resn’s big 4-0 is all positive, but it’s not age-based, it’s the number of times the Wellington digital agency has won the FWA site of the day award. 

The Favorite Website Awards are one of the most widely recognised website awards in the world and the site attracts more than four million unique visitors each month. It also attracts entries from the best digital agencies in the world, so they’re tough to win (Resn’s latest win was for its work on a mobile site for Adidas’s active cooling apparel Climachill, which “shrunk users down to the micro-level and took them on an interactive voyage of discovery”). And in typically mad interactive fashion, Resn has celebrated the achievement of getting to 40 wins by creating yet another strange but captivating site that lets punters give them a round of digital applause (this follows on from its recent interactive eye-based video for SBTRKT). 

As it says in a release: “[Resn is] a little more grey around the temples. Jowls becoming increasingly Nixon-esque. Stray nose hairs insinuating themselves ever further into the moustache. The list of minor changes to Resn’s deteriorating physique goes on and on. Why, at Resn’s last prostate exam they even started humming this classic kiwi ditty. The fact is, Resn has hit a milestone: 40. That’s right. They now have 40 FWAs under their belt. A belt that is now groaning under the strain of their spreading, middle-age girth and cutting off the blood supply to their nether regions.” 

Resn’s global honours include making the top 20 for the FWA Awards, the top three for the Adobe & FWA Cutting Edge Site of the Year 2013 for the REI 1440 Project, and being nominated for the Awwwards Agency of the Year 2013. 

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