Resn dishes out bad luck on Friday the 13th

Digital agency Resn unleashed some bad luck upon the world on Friday the 13th with a mobile game, appropriately titled ‘F*ck Luck’ (only accessible via smartphones). 

The aim of the game is to accumulate as much bad luck as you can in 13 seconds across a host of jinxed micro-games. And as a description of the game says, “Turn back now, because nothing but ill fortune awaits you”.

In the first round we were made to drag a horseshoe to invert it while spooky music played the background, in another we had to shake a pair of dice, and we in another we had to move some cards with skulls on them across the screen. In the end, the unlucky team here at StopPress was slapped with three years’ bad luck (see below). 

Resn also got caught up in that loving feeling around Valentine’s Day, and developed a microsite called Wildflower that allowed each visitor to share a one-of-kind flower specimen that grew when the site was activated. Users could grow as many flowers as they liked, before settling on a preferred one that could then be shared with a loved on social media.

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