RaboDirect pens new Seven Sharp deal

On 27 January a new-look Seven Sharp will see Mike Hosking and Toni Street joining the sole survivor of last year’s Christmas shuffle, Jesse Mulligan, as they take to Kiwi televisions for the first time.

But Mulligan isn’t the only one returning to the Seven Sharp fray, because TVNZ has also announced that RaboDirect, the online bank, has re-signed its sponsorship agreement with the show.

The bank came aboard as a sponsor in February last year for the inaugural season, but it had not announced intentions to renew the deal until now.

Despite the deal appearing to be last minute, TVNZ spokesperson Georgie Hills says that the deal wasn’t signed at the eleventh hour.

“The deal was signed late last year, but we decided not to announce it to the public then. We wanted to keep any Seven Sharp-related news for 2014 in order to attract attention to the new season.”

Hills also said that the new deal was a continuation of the sponsorship terms set out in the first deal.

This means that RaboDirect branding will once again appear on Seven Sharp billboards, the show’s opening and closing credits will include a RaboDirect namecheck (similar to last year’s “Seven Sharp is brought to you by RaboDirect, your specialist savings bank”), and the bank will also be able to benefit from ad packages that can be activated during the show’s commercial breaks.

In addition to this exposure, last year RaboDirect also got behind “the search for the sharpest town” that saw the Seven Sharp hosts scouring the nation for interesting towns.

“Off the back of the show’s success, RaboDirect also conducted a search for sharp towns, and it was great example of how [sponsors]can continue conversations with customers and viewers,” says Hills.   

Given that Seven Sharp was the second most-watched show in the highly competitive 7pm timeslot and that it successfully retained higher viewership numbers than Campbell Live for most of last year, Hills says that RaboDirect “was delighted to renew its deal.”

Source: Throng.co.nz

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