Pyar from afar: CAANZ Marcommers choose ten of the best

As we’ve seen recently, a dose of bad PR can bring big brands to their knees fairly quickly. But when used for good rather than evil, it can add momentum to marketing, as Claudia Macdonald wrote last week. And to show the best examples of PR-led campaigns from around the world, the CAANZ Marcomms Leadership Group (MLG) has chosen its top ten from the past two years.

Youtube Video Gatorade’s award-winning Replay campaign, which offered athletes a second chance at fame and is now a TV show, topped the list and two New Zealand campaigns, Sanitarium’s Marmite Bringing Home the Kiwis and Michael Hill Jeweller’s World’s Best Couple, also featured in what was a purely subjective selection undertaken for shits, giggles and the furthering of the PR cause (while we’re speaking about top tens, Mumbrella has compiled a list of Australia’s worst flashmobs).

MLG chair Megan Clark says the list represents the best of the best and, unsurprisingly, many of those chosen were winners at Cannes.

“There are some amazing campaigns taking place worldwide. The common theme throughout all of them is a truly creative and often unexpected idea at their core. Strong strategy that engages consumers and media alike and excellent results are also evident.”

Coming in second was Watermark for Bundaberg Rum. Following the floods in Queensland last January, Bundaberg created a limited edition rum called Watermark “to mark the point where the floodwaters peaked and to mark the spirit in the towns on the road to recovery”.

Watermark festivals were held in the pubs of the top-16 worst hit towns while the rum went on sale nationwide, all with the aim of raising awareness of the victims of the flood. Proceeds went towards rebuilding Queensland.

Youtube Video At number three was an Electrolux campaign that raised awareness of a new green line of vacuum cleaners made from plastic rubbish gathered from the Pacific Ocean that was run over several months.

Youtube Video

Youtube VideoThe much-discussed Best Job in the World from Queensland Tourism and this year’s Cannes Outdoor grand prix winner Bing: Decode Jay-Z, both made the list for their ability to generate huge media coverage and global discussion.

“Interestingly, many of these campaigns were developed by advertising agencies, working in tandem with PR companies to leverage the ideas into media and word of mouth. When advertising and PR work together closely for a common client goal, amazing things can happen,” Clark says.

The full list is:

1. Replay, Gatorade

2. Watermark, Diageo

3. Vac from the Sea, Electrolux

4. Best Job in the World, Queensland Tourism

5. Decode Jay-Z, Bing

6. Shine a Light on Opportunity, Durand Academy UK

7. Marmite Bringing Home the Kiwis, Sanitarium

8. Tramp a Benz, Mercedes-Benz

9. Reunite Barbie & Ken, Mattel

10. Best Couple in the World, Michael Hill Jeweller

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