Purina and Assignment Group seed dog vs. cat conflict

The dog vs. cat debate is a classic, right up there with Ford vs. Holden, north vs. south and science vs. religion. And Purina is asking Kiwis pet owners to take sides. 

The campaign was created by Assignment Group (which recently launched another piece of dog vs. cat related work for Tux), and is aimed at drawing attention to the Purina One Boot Camp, which asks Kiwi pet owners to feed their cats and dogs Purina One exclusively for 30 days. Anyone who signs up will receive a free bag to get them started. 

The video featuring cat man Mahe Drysdale and dog lover Temepara Bailey sit on a microsite that allows users to sign up, see other pets and interact through social channels. And so far Team Cat has the lead 778 to 664.  

Speaking of cats vs. dogs, here are some YouTube videos, including a few from O2’s awesome Be More Dog campaign. 

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