Probe Toby: TBWA\’s chief creative officer agrees to live lie detector test for ‘Results don’t lie’ climax, asks for reader questions

Whybin\TBWA’s ‘Results Don’t Lie’ campaign for the 2013 New Zealand Effie Awards put a few creative big-wigs from New Zealand’s advertising industry in a dark room, gave them lie detector tests and asked them about the legitimacy of their most awarded campaigns. The results have been comical and controversial in equal measure and, with awards night looming, the agency has stepped it up a notch, announcing that one of its own—​chief creative officer Toby Talbot—will take to the stage for a live polygraph test as part of the evening’s proceedings.

“After the incredible generosity of friends and colleagues in the industry taking part in our ‘Results Don’t Lie’ campaign, it feels only right that I put my own reputation on the line too,” says Talbot. 

Professional Australian polygraph examiner and ex-cop Gavin Wilson will return to conduct the test, which was originally intended for Colenso BBDO’s creative chairman Nick Worthington. 

And for those with burning questions about Talbot’s past campaigns, he’s bravely and/or foolishly asked readers to leave them in the comments section below. The best ones will be selected and asked on the night. Play nice(ish) and remember, yes or no questions only. 

If you missed the various agency heads being tested (and filmed by The Sweet Shop’s Damien Shatford), fill your boots. 

Daniel Barnes, Barnes, Catmur & Friends: 

Andy Blood, ex-TBWA\ and now Blood and Sand: 

James Mok, DraftFCB: 

Philip Andrew, Clemenger BBDO:

Justin Mowday, DDB NZ: 

Steve Cochran, Colenso BBDO: 

Josh Moore, Y&R NZ:

Dave King, M&C Saatchi: 

The campaign also consisted of EDMs, hand-stamped posters, online polygraph banners and press advertising. And for those wanting to prove their own innocence, www.resultsdontlie.co.nz, which was also created by TBWA\, features an online polygraph test that uses voice stress analysis software to scrutinise answers. Bespoke posters featuring results can be printed following the completion of the test for those who are keen to parade their innocence (or otherwise).

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