The Compendium: 4 October

Carlsberg’s rollercoaster of emotion. 

The amazing story of Jack Andraka.

Tourism Australia gets poetic.

Can you hear the train coming?

More visual goodness from GoPro. And the story of a rescued kitten (speaking of which, is your work better than kittens? Probably not.)

Fibre gives you faster flow. 

No doubt this appeals to the red-blooded, meat-loving male target market, but how the hell do Carl’s Jr. get away with it?

Another overly serious whiskey ad. 

Lexus creates its own real-time race. 

Portland ad agency tells JJ Abrams how not to screw up Star Wars. 

People have been dying in spectacularly stupid fashion in video games for years, as this parody of Dumb Ways To Die shows. 

The best toothbrush ever made, the popular fleece named after ladyparts and long-term relationship Barbie.

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