Creative matchmaking: The Pond updates website, makes it easier for businesses to find talent

Creative talent placement agency The Pond recently redesigned its website to make it fully compatible and responsive on iPads and iPhones—meaning that iOS users can now access their accounts on the go.

The new website, which was designed by Wellington-based digital agency Heyday and serves largely as a creative matchmaking service, enables company owners to browse through the profiles of creatives to find someone suitable for a certain job.

In addition to extending the website’s compatibility to Apple products, Heyday also updated the interface so that users can now filter their search by profession, specialist skills, industry experience and location when sourcing talent.     

The Pond’s creative director Leighton Howl says that these updates give users greater flexibility to use the website’s services, and he believes that it was worth the cost involved. 

“Our investment means the creatives we represent can be found more easily by clients on any device at any time, after hours and now as far away as Australia and Asia … Given the work we’ve put into design, user experience and search engine optimization, we expect every creative to attract over 10,000 key views a year – that’s 10,000 clients or businesses looking for a creative to hire or engage with on a project,” he says.

Howl also says that the decision to change the URL from .co to .net was made consciously to reflect what he refers to as “the closing gap between the New Zealand, Australian and Asian markets”.  

“The new website is exposing and connecting creatives in the main centres with SMEs that now have a place where they can go to find the professional industry freelancers with the skills and expertise they require to grow their businesses.”

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