Professional spin session in your house

In an effort to remove the hack of going to the gym from consumers’ daily schedules, US-based startup Peloton developed an exercise bike that comes with a specially designed tablet, which connects users to professional spin classes. Through this system, bike owners can access pre-recorded sessions with a range of different trainers—thereby making it possible to enjoy the benefits of a spin class without having to leave the house.  

But it doesn’t end there. The Peloton system also has a social media interface that allows users to compete with other bike owners across the world.      

And while these elements all offer something slightly better than watching the same YouTube video every day, the biggest drawcard of the Peloton system lies in the company’s sophisticated live-streaming video technology that allows it to stream professional spin sessions to bike owners in the comfort of their homes.

This specialised equipment was launched in April and, according to Slate, cost the company nearly one million dollars to install. Users can access this live footage as well as archived footage for US$39 per month, but they’ll first have to purchase the bike, which will set them back about US$2,000.

Despite impressive advances in the technology used for in-house exercise equipment, it seems we are still going to have to wait a while for the industry to shake off the residual infomercial effects as evidenced in this cringe-worthy 30-second TVC released by Peloton.  

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