A plus: DNA posts brand Auckland a new letter

Auckland’s ‘A’ brand has ushered in a new look with what it says is a cleaner, sharper logo. The refreshed sign was introduced as part of Auckland’s new domestic tourism marketing campaign ‘The Show Never Stops’.

Rachael Carroll, general manager of destination and marketing for Auckland’s economic development arm ATEED, says it briefed DNA Design to refresh the existing logo to make it more easy to use in ambient environments like sports fields, and in small spaces, like embroidery on shirts.

She says in coming months it will be rolled out across all the materials ATEED uses to promote Auckland.

“The ambition for the Auckland ‘A’ is to build a consistent brand for the Auckland region. The aim is that logo can be used broadly by organisations to promote Auckland as a destination for tourism, events, investment and business.”

Absolutely Positively Wellington is another to refresh its brand recently, with a yellow and black logo including a cross and its name. Its website describes the logo as simple, modern and ‘ultra-confident’. “We reckon it could stand proudly alongside any brand mark in the world,” the website says.

That opinion was apparently not shared by Wellington City councillors, though, who reportedly gave it a frosty reception.

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