Please don’t read this book

I contacted Steve Harrison, the author of Changing the world is the only fit work for a grown man, soon after reading it. I told
him that while I thought it was about time someone had written it, and that
everyone should read it, I would actually rather they didn’t.

Having been introduced to Howard Gossage’s work many
years ago I wasn’t sure I was comfortable sharing this advantage with the
rest of the world. Steve said he had exactly the same misgivings while writing

So please don’t join the small group of people who
have delved beyond Bill Bernbach and David Ogilvy to discover the greatest
thinker that advertising has ever known. And please don’t expose yourself to
the terrible thought that the modern style of interactive, social, PR-provoking
advertising is not actually new but was invented fifty years ago in a small
agency in San Francisco.

Gossage’s ads would end with a coupon and a request to
get in contact. In a similar vein, here is my email. [email protected]. If you have any thoughts
about Gossage to share before or after reading this book (please don’t), then
let me know.

  • Paul Catmur is creative managing partner at Barnes,
    Catmur & Friends. Buy the book here

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