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The Flight of the Conchords used the power of laughter in its charity music video to help raise funds for CureKids. But The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation’s 2012 Breast Cancer Action Month campaign, which features a new recording of Chris Knox’s iconic Kiwi ballad ‘Not Given Lightly’ and a music video starring famous and not-so-famous New Zealanders who want to remind the women they love to be vigilant and reduce their risk of breast cancer, is using the power of tears to get its message across. 

The Our Women campaign, which was developed by Colenso BBDO and follows up from its powerful Save Seven campaign last year, aims to reach every woman in New Zealand with the help of Facebook sharing and a TV commercial fronted by former TV presenter Helena McAlpine, who has terminal breast cancer.


“Before I die, I want to get a message to every woman in the country that they need to look after themselves and their friends and family,” said McAlpine, who was originally diagnosed in 2008 at age 31. “Watch the video, hear the song and pass it on.”

The new recording of ‘Not Given Lightly’, includes the voices of Tim Finn, Jon Toogood, Alec Bathgate, Princess Chelsea, The Topp Twins, The Naked and Famous’s Alisa Xayalith, Brooke Fraser, Peter Urlich, Hollie Smith and more. The recording is available on iTunes.

The accompanying music video, which can be viewed and shared at www.ourwomen.co.nz, was directed by filmmaker Toa Fraser, best-known for the movies No. 2 and Dean Spanley and now represented by 8com. It features a mix of stars and ordinary New Zealanders with the women they love (present either in person or in photographic portraits). Familiar faces in the video include Sam Neill, Sir Graham and Raewyn Henry, Dick and Jude Frizzell, The Topp Twins with their parents, artist Karl Maughan, ballerina Lucy Balfour, Shortland Street star Shavaughn Ruakere and others. The video also features nurses from Starship Hospital, and the Auckland Girls Choir. 

“We’ve been blown away by the generosity of those who took the time to perform the song or appear in the video,” said Evangelia (Van) Henderson, chief executive of The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation. “We’ve had some of New Zealand’s top production people give their time and talent for free. I believe that thanks to their efforts, and to Helena’s amazing openness in talking about her illness, we stand a good chance of reaching every woman in New Zealand with the message about reducing their risk of dying from breast cancer.”

Henderson says The New Zealand Breast Cancer Foundation has an important role to play in this communication, as women need to monitor their breast health from age 20, well before the mammogram screening age. In all, 2800 New Zealand women are likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer this year. While over 70 percent will be aged 50-plus, around 370 women aged 20-44 (below the BreastScreen Aotearoa screening age of 45-69) will be diagnosed with breast cancer this year. Cancers in younger women are often more aggressive than post-menopausal cancers.

“Plus, we’re telling women it’s never too soon to adopt the lifestyle changes that will reduce breast cancer risk,” Henderson says. 

Studies show that keeping alcohol consumption to moderate levels (one drink a day), staying fit and maintaining a healthy body weight, particularly after menopause, can help reduce risk.

Cast list: 

Not Given Lightly – Musicians                            

Chris Knox

Tim Finn                                                                           

Brooke Fraser                                                              

Don McGlashan                                                         

Jackie Clarke                                                                

Peter Urlich                                                                  

Hollie Smith                                                                  

Boh Runga                                                                      

Alisa Xayalith                                                              

Topp Twins                                                                    

Hinewehi Mohi                                                           

Martin Phillipps                                                            

Jon Toogood                                                                 

Julia Deans                                                                   

Warren Maxwell                                                       

Alec Bathgate                                                              

Our Women – Music Video

Contributors included…                                       

Josh Frizzell: 8COM
Owner & Director

Derek Henderson: Photographer

Jonathan Hughes | FRANKLIN RD: Coordinated music track

Sam Neill: Actor               

Sir Graham & Raewyn Henry: Ex
All Blacks coach

Dick & Jude Frizzell: Artist               

Lynda & Jools Topp: Musicians
& comic duo

Tanya Thompson (Misery): Artist

Jay Saussey: Actor

Peter Urlich: Musician

Julia Deans: Musician

Lucy Balfour: Dancer,
NZ Ballet

Helena McAlpine                                                      

Judy Bailey

Jay Reeve: Radio

Sonia Gray: Lotto

Hinewehi Mohi: Musician

Boh Runga: Musician

Sera Lilly: NZ
Fashion designer

Stacey Morrison: NZBCF
ambassador, broadcaster (with husband Scott)

Hollie Smith: Musician

Don McGlashan: Musician

Pearl McGlashan: Actress
(Shortland Street)

Shavaughn Ruakere: Actress
(Shortland Street)

Karl Maughan: Artist

Rt. Hon. Winston Peters: MP,
leader of NZ First


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