Pizza Hut delivers the pizza parka

To celebrate the launch of its new thermal-equipped delivery system, Pizza Hut has joined the likes of KFC and McDonalds by releasing his own line of apparel.

However, unlike the others, Pizza Hut has taken a different route by creating just a handful of one particular jacket.

Celebrating the launch of its new thermal-equipped delivery system, the company has teased a limited edition Pizza Parka constructed of the same materials as the box.

It comes in a blazing red colourway and features a polyester fibre padding to keep the heat in, splash guard, and a window in the sleeve where you can store your phone.

The jacket also comes with a face cover/napkin, and a specifically wedged inner pocket for keeping singular pieces of pizza warm while you’re on the go. 

With the high-vis workman jacket a 2017 street style favourite, this could prove an unlikely vibe for some.

The promotion is going until the end of October, which is National Pizza Month. The promotion is global, and anyone who places an order will be automatically entered into the draw to win the jacket.

This story originally appeared on The Register.

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