From pink ponies and adorable cats to kidnapping babies: the John St. approach

Toronto-based John St. is continuing its satirical approach to advertising by trying its hand at the recent trend of prankvertising.

Following in the footsteps of the Carlsberg, LG and Carrie commercials, John St. has now created a terrifying pair of ads featuring a home invasion and a baby kidnapping.

They call their approach ‘exFeariental’ and the video includes an irreverent segment where they talk about using fear to sell. They also claim to use “real criminals” in their ads, and that rather than having dramatic ads, they want “traumatic ads.”

This is not the first time that John St. has had a laugh at the expense of the ad industry. Their previous work includes a birthday party case study, in which their social media promotional skills result in an eighth birthday party that registered an attendance increase of 40% from the previous year.

In addition to their successes as a traditional ad agency, John St. has also launched the world’s first catvertising agency, which was based on the premise that 90% of all content on the Internet will consist of cat videos by 2015.

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