Pineapple Lumps assume the juxtaposition

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Who it’s for: Pascall Pineapple Lumps by DDB

Why we like it: Stereotypes are always right. They’re also great time savers. And there are plenty on offer in this entertaining and moderately self-deprecating OE themed number. According to research and contrary to popular perceptions, adults actually eat more lollies than children. Hence the relatively grown-up subject matter combined with the child-like aesthetic. With so many juxtapositions, it’s like South Park for sweet confections.

Youtube Video

And while StopPress generally sticks to the rule that the TVC of the week needs to have some sort of Kiwi connection, rules were made to be ignored and then changed to suit us at the drop of a hat. As such, this beautiful yet harrowing seat belt awareness TVC is definitely worth a look. Since you’re here, this isn’t a TVC, but it’s on the internet, which is close enough to a TV, so check out this amazing Parisian water feature that was created to draw attention to the dangers of poor drinking water.

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