Phantom supports local artists through NZ’s biggest art gallery, the streets

Phantom Billstickers’ latest campaign has provided local artists with a platform to showcase their work at zero cost.

Through the use of their street posters, Phantom offered up-and-coming artists the chance to have their images shown to the New Zealand public. To spread the word, the campaign was promoted through social media, inviting anyone to submit an image in black and white.

After multiple entries, 11 total artists were selected.

  • Nick Wilkey
  • Luke Rowlands
  • Richard Parry
  • Rachel Rowlands
  • Jack Wu
  • Tom Wallace
  • Jake Elisara
  • Oliver Crawford
  • Sophie Miya-Smith
  • Jono Cole
  • Dylan Govender

The images from the 11 above artists were showcased in Phantom’s A3 and large-format Max frames. Phantom also covered all of the costs including printing, distributing and pasting.

Artist Sophie Miya-Smith says the highlight of having her image showcased around the country is the people that have approached her on social media to find out more about the photograph.

“The first time I stumbled across my print in a Phantom frame was a complete surprise. I was driving down Symonds Street in Auckland and saw it lined up along the bus stop where I usually get off.

“I had to turn my car around and park in the bus lane for a minute to check it out. It was surreal seeing all the details in the images printed at a large scale! Ever since then it’s been like a treasure hunt finding them scattered around the city, let alone the country.”

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