Comms Council provides free membership for redundant workers

The Comms Council has announced a move that will support individuals facing or having gone through redundancies, providing said individuals with a 12 month free membership.

It’s been no surprise that many in the industry have been made redundant as clients pull spend and business restructure to remain financially sustainable.

Both Covid-19 and the upcoming pandemic have created a landscape that has started seeing a lot of loss.

Comms Council CEO Paul Head says, “In my personal experience, these decisions are the hardest we have to make as leaders. But whilst tough calls have clearly been necessary, I do reflect on the fact that for years we’ve been talking as an industry about the need to retain talent. As a result, I’ve been asking myself what the Comms Council can do in this situation.”

Paul Head

Our goal has been to help everyone stay connected with the industry through these difficult times. Therefore, we would like to offer the benefits of a Comms Council membership for 12 months, free of charge, to any individual made redundant from a member agency of the Comms Council. This will include continuing to receive newsletters, ongoing access to website material, invitations at member prices to awards, seminars, events and training etc.

“Our objective in doing this is to keep good people engaged in the industry over the medium term while the economy recovers.”

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