Bauer follows up womansday.co.nz launch with branded Persil hub

Late last year, Bauer launched its Woman’s Day recommended extension, with food columnist and past MasterChef NZ (RIP) winner Chelsea Winter wheeled out in an attempt to transfer some of her cachet to advertisers. And after launching the womansday.co.nz website last month, it’s taken that idea into the digital realm for the first time, with Unilever’s Persil brand the first beneficiary. 

The Persil ‘Moments that Matter’ hub offers a selection of time-saving tips, videos and some of Winter’s recipes and it’s based around the idea that because “Persil Ultimate Liquid’s formulation actively lifts 48 hour dried in stains, you don’t have to worry about doing the washing straight away”. It also asks readers to post their own tips for a chance to win a few prizes and so far commercial manager Paul Gardiner says more than 600 have been submitted. 

Gardiner says it’s done a lot of this kind of branded content in-book, largely with food clients, but this is the first online version and he says it’s currently working on a couple of other similar projects. 

As for the numbers on the new site, he says the launch strategy was based around utilising the brand’s 430,000 Facebook fans to drive traffic.

“That’s worked well and for the first calendar month we generated nearly 500,000 page impressions. Month two is building nicely. Not surprisingly the biggest activity is around our celebrity channel.” 

In comparison, he says nzwomansweekly.co.nz, which Bauer also owns, clocks in with around 800,000 impressions a month. 

He says 90 percent of the digital ad revenue so far has come through packages being sold across the Woman’s Day brand. 

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