Panasonic urges Kiwis to stop the ‘weather waffle’

The cold weather may be knocking on our door but that’s no excuse to harp on about it according to former weatherman Ray Morningside in a new Panasonic mockumentary by Lemonade.

The campaign features What We Do in the Shadows’ Jonny Brugh whose swapped his vampire for that of 90s ex-weatherman Ray Morningside, who sports a vintage suit and moustache while on a mission to stop ‘Weather Waffle’.

Directed by Nigel McCulloch (The Downlow Concept and Sunday Punch), the story ties into Panasonic Air Conditioning, by showing how it puts users in control so they never have to ‘Weather Waffle’ again.

Panasonic marketing manager Lynda-Anne Bodger says Kiwis are obsessed with talking about the weather.

“It is the default conversation topic when there is nothing better to say. But ultimately, if you “take control” of your home environment there is no need to “waffle on about the weather”.

 “I don’t want to hear the phrase, ‘winter is coming’, unless you’re talking about Game of Thrones,” she says, echoing Morningside.

The TVC has been cut into 15, 30 and 45 second versions and they’re supported by radio, bus backs, social media and a segment on The AM’Show’s 9 in 10.


Client: Panasonic
Marketing Manager: Lynda-Anne Bodger

Creative: Lemonade
Creative Director: Jon Raduch
Creative: Chris Boyd 
Business Director: Andrea Fowler

Director – Nigel McCulloch (The Downlow Concept – Sunday Punch)
Producer – Ivan Barge
DOP – Dave Garbett
Art Director – Rosie Guthrie
Costume Designer – Kirsty Cameron
Editor – Nathan Pickles
Colourist – David McLaren
Sound Designer – James Hayday
Composer – Justyn Pilbrow

PR: Lassoo Media & PR

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