The Electoral Commission, Y&R and Native Voice ask New Zealanders to choose which roll represents them

The Electoral Commission is on a mission to raise awareness among people of Māori descent of their option to be enrolled on either the Māori Roll or the General Roll in a campaign by Y&R—the first since it won the business in October in conjunction with Native Voice.

Helping to strike the right tone, Y&R and Native Voice collaborated to conceive the Māori Electoral Option campaign and a communications strategy that would engage harder-to-reach younger Māori while ensuring the messages were also received across the board.

To ensure the campaign does that, it encompasses national broadcast media as well as online activity, with media planning and buying through Y&R Engage and the targeted social campaign with by Y&R Holler.

Featuring a series of videos with Tawaroa Kawana, Puawai Taiapa, Stacey Morrison and William Waiirua, the social campaign explains the two different rolls and encourages viewers to decide which one best represents them.

The videos steer the audience towards a new website for the Māori Electoral Option, maorioption.org.nz, by Y&R Digital.

General manager of Y&R Wellington Rikki Townsley says it’s a really exciting campaign to have been a part of as it shows the real value to be had in collaborating with specialists, as well as working closely with clients, to deliver complex messages in an engaging way.

Meanwhile, acting manager communications and education at the Electoral Commission, Kristina Temel, adds working with Y&R and Native Voice has brought a fresh approach to this Māori Electoral Option.

“The campaign combines a strong understanding of our audience and stakeholders with an innovative cross-platform approach.” 

The campaign has also seen the return of a TVC by Saatchi & Saatchi that was initially rolled out in 2013. Also sharing information about the General Roll and Māori Roll, it watches as an artist manipulates sand to animate it and create scenes featuring New Zealand, waka and local landscapes. This time around, it has been updated with the new website added onto the end.

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