Wellington embraces its diversity in tourism campaign

Wellington’s Regional Economic Development Agency (WREDA)’s new campaign with Wrestler and MBM highlights the diversity and acceptance found in Wellington.

Called ‘Do Wellington Your Way’, the campaign features a farmer turned drag queen, a real estate agent turned comedian and a teacher turned skateboarder to shows the capital city has something for everyone.

WREDA’s venues, marketing and destination development general manager, David Perks, says the campaign gets at the heart of what makes the capital city a special place to visit and live.

“Wellington is known as a liberal and accepting city: a place where a farmer can express themselves freely as a drag queen; a real estate agent can try their luck at a comedy open mic night; and a primary school teacher can hold her own with the local skater crew.”

Perks says the it wants to inspire New Zealanders to visit Wellington for a weekend this winter and be embraced for being themselves.

Director Judah Finnigan says the campaign video aimed to explore identity and self-expression using “double-sided portraits”.

“Side A shows us who they are in their regular day job. Side B shows us who they get to be when they visit Wellington, while being supported by a creative and caring community of like-minded people. We’re thrilled with the vitality and vigour of the final product.”

WREDA invested $390,000 in the campaign which will appear on TV, digital channels, outdoor billboards, and print media.

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