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Mergers can often be a little murky, but in the case of Origin Design and Insight Creative, they’re adamant it’s all about clarity. After Insight Creative purchased Origin Design in February last year, the two companies have finally aligned to reveal their new single brand, simply called ‘Insight’. And with that comes a new creative strategy that ties in with a bold and clean look.

It’s all rather evolutionary, according to Mike Tisdall, Insight’s managing director of and the former managing director of Insight Creative.

“When Insight Creative purchased Origin Design last year, we always intended to work, think and act as one. Becoming Insight is a tangible representation of what we’ve been working towards over the past 16 months.”

And like a lot of mergers, the blending of the two companies has facilitated a wider market reach.

“Uniting as one, our creative offer has strengthened across brand, digital media, investor relations and print. Insight is now genuinely greater than the sum of its parts,” comments Tisdall.

Former Origin Design owner and now Insight creative director, Brian Slade, lead the new identity work and says it’s all about whittling out the clutter and getting the clients story across in a clear and consistent manner.

“In a world filled with complexity and clutter, so much can get lost in the ‘noise’,” says Slade. “To combat this, Insight’s work is driven by the principle ‘let’s be clear…about everything’. Our goal is to always tell the clearest stories, ones that resonate because they’re packed with insights.”

The phrase ‘let’s be clear’ takes centre stage of Insight’s new visual identity, which also comes complete with a new logo and livery.

According to Slade, Insight Creative had already embarked on a visual identity and when Origin Design came on board, the team picked up, interpreted and worked with the identity Insight Design had already been developing.

“We had two different cultures and organisations so it was important that we had to get a good fit between the two,” says Slade.

Everyone in the design team got the chance to have a play with the new look, to make sure it worked in all forms, including print and online.

“The whole design team have touched it which has been great.”

Insight  now has offices in Auckland, Wellington and Sydney.

You’d think for Slade, a man who’s company Origin Design specialised in designing and communicating client brands, having to work on the brand for his own company might have proved a challenge. But Slade has been round the rebrand block on numerous occasions, and was even at the helm when BNA turned into DNA design. So it’s nothing too new to him.

“It’s commonly referred to as a nightmare or Builder House syndrome,” he says.

But that doesn’t seem to be the case in this rebrand, with Slade describing it as a “reasonably painless” process and “a good exercise in discipline”.

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