Let them entertain you: new Ticketek scheme offers a penny for your thoughts—UPDATED

New Zealanders love free stuff. And, blow me down, they also like being entertained. So Ticketek New Zealand has decided to tap into these primal desires with the launch of Nine Rewards, a new online market research panel that offers free tickets as the kicker to get users to share their opinions. 

Members will complete market research surveys and earn reward ‘dollars’ that can be used to purchase tickets to any Ticketek event, from major sports matches to international concerts, as well as buy magazines from the ACP media range (Ticketek and ACP are part of the Nine family).

Of course, there are already plenty of popular points-based loyalty schemes in operation already (semi-related: check out the Fly Buys Flats extreme trolley challenge that was held recently in Dunedin), but Stuart Robertson, Ticketek New Zealand’s sales and marketing manager, says it’s the first scheme of its kind to focus solely on New Zealanders’ love for entertainment.

“Kiwi households spend almost $4 billion every year on activities such as sports games, movies and concerts. That’s more than they spend on their clothing or footwear. We’re hoping to tap into that passion and build a panel of people who are keen to offer their insights. For our part, we’ll be focused on getting Kiwis doing more of the things they love, whether that’s watching rugby, reading magazines or listening to chamber music.”

There is some debate in the research community as to the legitimacy of paid-for online panels and the reliability of the data, but Robertson has high hopes and says the goal is to “become the country’s most representative online consumer survey panel”. This, he says, will be driven by the strength of the Ticketek brand in New Zealand, and the extensive range of rewards people can earn.

“The real difference is what you can get out of being a Nine Rewards member. Forget the clock radio or flights to Hokitika. If you participate in our surveys you will get free entertainment. It’s that simple.”

Ticketek already boasts the largest online panel in Australia, with more than half a million members from cities, regions and rural areas. And Robertson is certain the success of the scheme in Australia will be repeated in New Zealand.

“As a country we love our entertainment, and that’s going to be the kicker for a rewards scheme like Nine Rewards.”


“The reliability of paid vs unpaid panels lies in response rates and the quality of the response,” says Kelvin Kirk, general manager of Nine Rewards. “Surveys are more likely to get a wider variety of responses/people by demographic and socio-economic backgrounds and therefore more representative of the population if they are incentivised compared to unpaid surveys. People are more likely to provide their opinion if they are rewarded, even for small amounts or prizes for their time.”

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