Orchard Thieves in reverse

Irish agency Rothco has used some cinematic magic in a new fully reversible campaign for Orchard Thieves Cider.

The first half of the video follows a group sneaking past a security guard to into rooftop party and enjoying the festivities, including fireworks, drinks and balloons well into the night before sneaking out when it’s dark.

The second half is the first in reverse, as it follows the same group and their same activities only they enter the party when it’s night and leave when it’s light. 

According to Rothco’s website, while it wanted to shoot a single film that worked forwards and backwards, it was also important that it worked as an engaging story. 

“We didn’t want the technical part of the commercial to ever get in the audience’s way, and we believe we’ve really achieved that,” the agency says.

This is Rothco’s second campaign for the Heineken-owned cider brand, while closer to home, Saatchi & Saatchi rolled out its first creative work for the brand back in March.

It was appointed as the lead creative agency late last year.

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