oOh!media’s data platform to allow Smart Reach for advertisers

Out of home media company oOh!media’s new platform Smart Reach aims to use data and consumer insights to change the way advertisers engage with their audiences.

Advertisers using Smart Reach have access to geographical and behavioural data from oOh!media’s network of over 4,000 locations and 250-plus audience segments, allowing them to build highly targeted campaigns with greater ROI because the advertising is based on specific consumer behaviours and affinities.

Smart Reach can also select optimal panel combinations on digital out of home displays – ensuring broad reach and ensuring the right audience sees it at the right time.

“New Zealand marketers and media buyers are now able to optimise their OOH media campaign
spend to reach the largest number of consumers from the campaigns ‘Target Audience’. This is
a game changer for how OOH media is planned and bought in New Zealand,” said James Fogelberg, Founder of Landmarks ID, the platform powering Smart Reach.

“With 250+ brand level audience segments, 60+ advertiser category segments and numerous
demographic segments available, advertisers in New Zealand have the opportunity to drive
better outcomes from their OOH media investment with oOh!”

“We are thrilled to introduce Smart Reach, a tool that embodies our commitment to innovation and excellence in the out of home advertising space,” said Rick Goodwin, Product, Innovation & Solutions Director at oOh!media. 

“Smart Reach not only enhances the efficiency of OOH audience delivery but also provides deeper insights into real-world behaviours, enabling brands to connect with consumers in more meaningful and impactful ways with relevant messaging.” 

One of the early adopters of Smart Reach, Hearts & Science and Contact Energy, reported that Smart Reach had significantly improved their campaign outcomes. The planning team and Hearts & Science says, “The scale of oOh!’s network, optimised via Smart Reach, allowed us to connect with our target audience more effectively, resulting in a substantial increase in interest and engagement.”

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