Oldies, foodies & girlies clicking the most

GirlyNo real surprises that the most visited lifestyle websites for unique browsers last week were Stuff, Yahoo and NZ Herald, according to Nielsen analysis. Stuff.co.nz is the clear winner, and looks the nicest too in a category that suffers from a lot of cluttered design. Voxy also makes a good showing at number 6. If its Twitter account actually tweeted it’s guaranteed a larger following.

View Auckland is the most popular lifestyle listings site, rivals Mukuna, Under the Radar, NZLive and Eventfinder nowhere to be seen. But as it turns out, NZLive and Eventfinder are measured in the entertainment category instead. Those figures, which will be released next month, show Eventfinder had 35,674 UBs and NZLive 17,931 last week. Mukuna and Under the Radar are not subscribers to the Nielsen service.

The popularity of niche sites is quite revealing. More and more baby boomers are visiting cyberspace – educated and loaded and a goldmine for the right advertisers. A subset of the 50+ community is probably also going to Foodlovers, Menus and Garden-nz. Good to see NZ Girl represent for the Gen Ys. Lots of comps and the latest celebrity goss no doubt a big drawcard. Surely not far behind is MSN’s NZ Men page, featured on StopPress here, that’s wooing the blokes with pics of how they would like Gen Y girls to look.

Top hits for NZ lifestyle websites:

  1. stuff.co.nz/lifestyle – 117,805
  2. yahooxtra.co.nz/lifestyle – 71,534
  3. nzherald.co.nz/lifestyle – 61,607
  4. viewauckland.co.nz – 33,906
  5. grownups.co.nz – 19,343
  6. voxy.co.nz – 16,830
  7. foodlovers.co.nz – 15,232
  8. nzgirl.co.nz – 14,658
  9. menus.co.nz – 13,138
  10. garden-nz.co.nz – 12,535

Source: Nielsen NZ Market Intelligence, Unique Browsers for Week of 14/9/09–20/9/09.

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