Old Spice conducts nine ‘internetaventions’

By tapping into a marketing budget that  other companies could only dream of, Old Spice has launched a series of nine websites dedicated to fake (and unavoidably uncool) products. But instead of actually sending the products to those who attempt to purchase them, Old Spice commissions the services of the bare-chested one to conduct an ‘internetavention’ to encourage buyers to stop making stupid decisions.    

Being rich does not automatically equate to the cool factor. But eating a gold headset obviously does.

Having a strong neck might be helpful in avoiding bad cases of whiplash, but in the world of Isaiah Mustafa it’s inexcusable to attempt to buy an illegal neck workout machine online. 

If there’s one thing that Old Spice has taught us, it’s that shirts of any persuasion are surplus to needs of the modern man.

This one pokes fun at gym bunnies and their protein obsession.

Extended metaphors don’t get much better than when they are trying to ridicule someone who tries to flavour his soul patch

Mustafa takes on the role of a soothsayer when he proclaims that “girls don’t like guys who are orange and smell of a pineapple party.

So disgusted is Old Spice guy by the thought of someone buying a brodominium that he refuses to speak to the perpetrators in this video.

Someone has finally stood up to the plague of clichéd tattoos that pervade the arms of bad decision makers everywhere.

Dumb decisions hurt everyone, even random men who are lost in the desert. So, if you care about anyone, then you definitely won’t buy black leather bed sheets.       

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